The Community Access Program, or C@P for short, was established by Industry Canada in 1994 through the Connecting Canadians Initiative. 



Designed to increase the awareness and use of Information Technology initially in rural areas, and expanding to cover urban centres as well, C@P has grown to over 8,800 sites across Canada.

Our society is supported by active partnerships Industry Canada, the Province of Nova Scotia, and local community groups.
To offer service, support, and enhancement to its members. The goal is to provide affordable public access and foster growth in the use of technology for the benefit of the community.

Video/Audio chat and online meetings.

Access to distance education & government programs.

Public Internet access for people in the community.

Printing, scanning and collating services.


Largest Community-Based IT Project in the world
4000+ Sites across Canada
280 Sites in Nova Scotia
60+ Sites on Cape Breton Island
28 Sites with 160+ terminals in Cape Breton County


Canada’s Tech Industry is Growing


It is no secret that Canada is considered to be one of the strongest or well-established countries in the world. It has been successful in many different aspects, contributing to the job market, globally and of course, locally. Canada is well known for even sourcing individuals from certain professions from all over the world to their country.

Canada can thus be described as a strong country that takes its employment rates and success of their all their industries very seriously as they only employ the best in each and every field.


Take the tech industry, for instance. Technology is one recurring industry that is booming with success all around the world. It is ever-growing and starting a professional career in this industry is probably one of the smartest moves someone can make and at any age too. Learning about anything tech, IT or cyber-related will give anyone a massive advantage to opportunities all around the world. These are all industries that are in extremely high demand and especially in a booming the booming industry of tech in Canada.

If you have a qualification or relevant experience and skills in these industries, you are very likely to be able to secure a job in Canada, which is something that isn’t easy to do in nearly any other industry. If you’re a professional in tech, then Canada is the place you should consider working for optimal success.

The Ever-Growing Tech Industry

The Canadian tech sector is one of the biggest dependable sources of growth in the economic sector and shows even promise to grow in the future.

The secret to its success is its gradual growth that continues to remain steady at all times. The sector as a whole includes a broad scope of assessments that range from aerospace, digital technologies and everything else that includes having a system, such as the medical sector.

The technology sector managed to accumulate up to $117 billion of the country’s economic output, which concludes to 7% of the total economic output. That’s a big number, which creates an even bigger hype around the tech industry as it has a greater impact on the economy than the finance and insurance sector.

Things to Remember When Studying IT


When compared to any other industry, IT is one of the most in-demand industries in the world and is also considered to be one of the most challenging when it comes to obtaining a qualification as technology is ever-growing. This merely means that you never stop learning when you’re in the industry and working as an engineer or any type of professional in IT, you are expected to learn new software, innovate technology and even create it at a rapid pace.

Starting out studying IT, one is presented with a lot of challenges. You have to study a lot of content, remember it and learn how to implement all that you learn while learning something new each day.

With that being said, if you want to be at the top of your game, you should learn how to study effectively and always remember a few factors in IT that can’t be compared to studying anything else.

Studying IT – What You Should Know

You will be more focused on practical skills than anything else.

Unlike other courses such as finance, economics or sociology, IT isn’t as focused on theory as any other field of study. IT qualifications does, however, include theoretical classes, but the entire curriculum is more focused on the practical side of IT.

Even when you’re in a theoretical class, you’ll have to think about applying the knowledge afterwards.

There are many sub-fields of IT as well, which makes it overall quite interesting. You’re constantly learning something new and trying to solve a problem. An analytical approach and manner of thinking are thus very important when studying IT. It can have you learning anything from data science, video games, Cloud computing, IT security and information systems.


Don’t be too independent.

If you’re studying or entering a profession in IT, you should try and gather as many contacts possible to be able to form a network of support that will assist you, and you them, whenever there’s a query or challenge that needs to be solved. The industry includes many different specialities and you’ll not be skilled in most of them. Perhaps, you’ll be extremely skilled in a few and know about the rest but because this field of study is like a big ocean, you’ll only be able to specialize in a few things at a time. Be sure to form good relationships within your work environment and better yet, with other IT students at the university you’re studying for future references.

Don’t think because you studied IT, that you know everything about IT

Perhaps you’re getting qualified soon, or you’ve already graduated from your course and earned your degree. That doesn’t mean you’re ready for everything the industry can throw at you. Just because you’ve covered the content in the course, doesn’t mean you will be able to implement everything or be skilled enough to solve problems in the analytical structure of IT. IT takes a lot of practice and following your degree, you’ll have to continue studying any course or skill related to IT. You’ll have to study a variety of online programming languages and skill up in Python, Java, MATLAB and more in order to be successful in the industry.


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